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It is an organization dedicated to providing clients with the latest in high technology security solutions, founded in 2005 in Mexico and with operations since 2012 in California USA.

Our history

  • We opened the doors as a formal organization representing AMANO Cincinnati's equipment. Specialized in time clock systems.

  • CRONOTEQ evolved into Parking Equipment World, installing the first AMANO parking equipment.

  • We developed the first version of CRONOPARK, revenue control system for parking lots; we installed several copies of that software.

  • We developed and built the first parking machine: CP-10, the first model of ticket dispenser with barcode tickets under CRONOPARK name. The same year we developed the prototype of CP-500, exit station for ticket validation.

  • It is the year of T-1000, our more complex machine, PARKING PAY STATION for coins, bills and coupons.

  • We started a new line of products with new technology that we called CRONOTRAFFIC, developing new models for ticket dispenser, exit station, revenue control software and Z-1000, the new model of PAY STATION machine with more features, capacity and new technology. .

  • CRONOTEQ opened CRONOTEQ-USA in California, firstly oriented to basic security products.

  • We started a new representation: VANDERBILT Industries security products, a GLOBAL LEADER IN ACCESS CONTROL INNOVATIONS. We are the new Distributor of this important brand for Latin America and as a local dealer for USA. This year we were certified for BRIGHT BLUE and SMS products in New Jersey.

  • CRONOTEQ installed the first PARKING SYSTEM in California FEB 02 2018. "Siempre Parking" in San Diego, USA.

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We have several internet sites specialized in several products lines or representations:

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Parking Control Systems California


Automated License Plate Recognition integrated 100% to our software.

Parking Equipment Los Angeles California

Pay Station

Automated pay machine for parking lots.

Our principles


    Continue developing products and solutions for the market, striving us to meet our customer needs.