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>Manual operation with remote control or push button

>Automatic operation with vehicle detectors

>Right or Left arm

>Folding arm to indoor spaces

Parking Revenue

>Automatic parking fee calculations

>Prints Plate/VIN and description car in ticket

>The simplicity of the user interface allows minimal cashier training

Access Control

>Lite Blue controller for 2-8 barrier gates

>Readers for short distance proximity cards

>Proximity cards clamshell

>WEB based to remote internet access

Long Range

>Ideal to vehicle access control

>100% compatible with Lite Blue controller

- Automatic Vehicle Identification AVI- Parking Revenue Systems

We specialize in design, development, installation and service of vehicle access control systems for security and parking lots.

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Parking Revenue System Los Angeles California

Full control of revenue. Ideal for small garages with 1000 or less parking lot spots

Vehicle Access Control Barrier Gate | Los Angeles California

Parking barrier gates for Entry or Exit lanes. Two operation modes: manual or automatic

Access Control System Los Angeles California

Access control kit to operate parking entry/exit lanes with proximity cards

POS Parking Revenue System Los Angeles California
Increase productivity

Not more manual ticket emissions neither revenue manual reports. With CRONO-Cash 2.0 your productivity and customer satisfaction increase

Barrier Gate System for Parking Lots Los Angeles California
Commercial Applications

Typical installation for offices, warehouses, storages, factories, parking lots, hotels; for outdoor/indoor usage

Long Range Readers for vehicle control Los Angeles California
Access Control Layout

Two barrier gates, two long range readers, two vehicle detectors, two loops and a LITE BLUE controller

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